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Corporate Solutions

Whatever the size and scope of your business, ensuring its smooth running is of paramount importance and that includes keeping on top of the legal and regulatory requirements of operating in the UAE corporate arena.

At ATI Solutions’ we focus on delivering a personalised tailor-made suite of corporate services, allowing you to cherry pick the right elements for your specific needs.

Our flexible business model offers 24/7 year-round access to the full spectrum of government administrative functions with a choice of pay as you go (single transaction) services aimed at start-ups or solo entrepreneurs through to annual contract agreements for larger companies looking to save money, add value and outsource the PRO role or department.

From the fundamentals of document translation and attestation through to specialist services including Ejari assistance (tenancy contract registration process with land department), facilitation of the Ministry of Labour establishment card process and the full range of visa application procedures.

ATI Solutions’ corporate clients also benefit from exclusive access to an on the ground team of local government experts who are the go-to resource for the latest updates on government legislation and who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding the nuances of the business regulatory environment.

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